F10 Hand Gel - 500ml

F10 Hand Gel - 500ml

Providing instant disinfection, this is a useful item for those trying to protect their rabbits by maintaining high bio-security protocols.

Ideal for use in your rabbitry, in the home, at work or in the car. 

It is easy to use, simply rub it into your hands and its drying gel formula means no water is required. 

With the release of the RHVD K5 calici strain and the fear that the current CYLAP vaccine will not protect vaccinated rabbits against it, maintaining good bio-security and a clean living space will hopefully assist in reducing the risk of the disease spreading to your rabbit. While no official test has been conducted specifically for RHVD, it has a similar make up to the parvovirus(both are non-envelope) which F10 has been tested for and protects against.


F10SC is a veterinary disinfectant which achieves a broad spectrum kill of a wide range of potentially harmful micro-organisms. It is active against bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It is an excellent product for achieving a high level of biosecurity effectively and safely. It is completely safe to use in presence of animals and poses no personal or bio-hazard when used at the recommended concentrations. For best results F10SC should be allowed to air dry i.e. do not wash off.

Unlike other strong disinfectants on the market F10SC is a total spectrum disinfectant that has no adverse side effects on people, animals, or on equipment and surfaces. It is ecologically friendly and biodegradable, and carries a wide range of registrations and approvals from around the world.

In Australia, F10SC is registered by the APVMA for use in animal production and housing facilities and is approved by AQIS for use in food export processing as a non-rinse disinfectant.

The benefits of using F10SC include:

Kills all types of pathogen – F10SC is bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal

Minimal chance of microbial resistance due to F10SC’s unique benzalkonium chloride and polyhexamethylene biguanide combination of actives and mode of action

Rapid kill times – less than 30 secs for gram positive bacteria, 60 secs for gram negative bacteria, Canine Parvovirus 15 mins (new testing Nov 2012)

**Successfully tested against various influenza viruses at a concentration of 1:500 in 10 mins

Non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-tainting, non-irritating, aldehyde-free

Highly cost effective

Biodegradable & ecologically friendly

Diluted solution remains active for long periods of time

Tried, tested, independently verified and documented, and approved around the world

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