Binky Castle Packages

Binky Castle Packages

If you spend your hard earned money on rabbit toys and just LOVE spoiling your cute little bunny then buying one of these Binky Castle packages will save you some cash too! Bundle and save with these bunny boredom breakers!

Our popular rabbit toys are actually handmade by Rabbit Toys Australia using all 100% bunny safe materials. Our little workshop is located on our farm in Melbourne and our bunny toys are NOT mass produced in a factory. As with most handmade items some variances in colours and textures will occur making your rabbit toy not only unique but no 2 items will ever be exactly the same!

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Binky Castle 50cm Ramp Set

**We have a 7-14 day build time on this item**We all know rabbits try to rule the house so why not g..

$495.00 Ex Tax: $450.00