Binky Castle Range

Binky Castle Range


Rabbit Toys Australia is so excited about our new Binky Castles & we are sure your bunny will love it too! Spoil your pet rabbit with one of these fun castle rabbit toys that include buildings, ramps, slides, litter trays and tunnels. Designed to help keep Australian pet rabbits from getting bored by giving them something that is safe for rabbits to chew on & providing them with lots of mental stimulation, essential bunny enrichment and healthy daily exercise. Everything in the Binky Castle Range is designed to mix and match so you can start of with a single piece and purchase other pieces as your bunny kingdom expands. Now your bunnies play pen can be set up with different combinations that is only limited by your space & imagination. Buy a Binky Castle and your bunny will never be bored again!

Our popular rabbit toys are handmade by Rabbit Toys Australia using all 100% bunny safe materials. Our little workshop is located in Melbourne and our bunny toys are NOT mass produced in a factory. As with most handmade items some variances in colours and textures will occur making your rabbit toy unique and no 2 wooden castles will ever be exactly the same!

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Binky Castle Allure

**We have up to a 6 week build time on this item**Brand new to our Binky Castle Range, the Allure pr..

$179.95 Ex Tax: $163.59

Binky Castle 50cm Ramp Set

**We have a 7-14 day build time on this item**We all know rabbits try to rule the house so why not g..

$495.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

Binky Castle Basic Ramp 50cm

This multi functional piece can be used as either a ramp from the ground to a top level, a..

$45.00 Ex Tax: $40.91

Binky Castle Corner Tower

This sturdy 2 story tower is 50cm high and needs a floor space of 33 x 29 cm. Hand made in Australia..

$149.95 Ex Tax: $136.32

Binky Castle Eclipse Ramp 50cm

With true castle styling, the multi function eclipse ramp is the perfect addition to our Binky Tower..

$59.00 Ex Tax: $53.64

Binky Castle Ramp Anti-slip Rungs 3 pack

If your bun finds it hard to climb or you have an older or special needs rabbits then these will ass..

$14.95 Ex Tax: $13.59

Binky Castle Tunnel Ramp 50cm

Give your bunny somewhere to hide with this multi functional piece that can be used as a slide,..

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

Wooden Ramp for Indoor Wire Rabbit Cage

Have you ask yourself why do those plastic indoor rabbit cages have those crappy pull down doors..

$60.50 Ex Tax: $55.00